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At LIFE SECTOR PÚBLICO we teach you how to establish a solid sales channel aimed at the Public Administrations. We offer techniques used by thousands of SMEs that have consistently won public tenders, which now represent a great part of their business annual turnover.

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Improve your results

A qualified team who knows the basic aspects of tender processes is more efficient and achieves better results.

We keep you up to date

We analyse all the updates from a practical point of view so that we are able to assist you in your day-to-day activities and help you make decisions regarding the different stages of a tender process.

We train people

Our intention is to help the members of these departments to be diligent and reasonably knowledgeable.


We organise seminars for sales networks and administration departments from a practical point of view with the aim of providing them with fundamental knowledge of public procurement in its different stages.

What can you learn in our seminars? The intended goals are as follows:

  • Identify business opportunities offered to your company by the Public Sector.
  • Design and improve your sales channel aimed at the Public Sector, while expanding your client portfolio.
  • Create commercial initiatives aimed at the Public Sector.
  • Participate in public tenders with greater chances of success and increase the number of tenders awarded.

Who are they aimed at?

They are aimed at companies that intend to get contracts with the Public Sector or to consolidate their position as suppliers for the Public Sector:

  • HR managers.
  • Business Development managers.
  • Project managers.
  • Legal department.
  • Management team.

Which skills will you learn?

  • Obtaining practical and up-to-date information on tender processes and their characteristics.
  • Designing and improving the sales channel aimed at the Public Sector.
  • Participating in public tenders with greater chances of success, while reducing costs.

Two to four-hour in-house training or work sessions.

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