We conduct cross-sectional research of the public procurement market based on the following questions:

  • Who are your real competitors in your specific business sector, sorted by territory, institutions, turnover and product?
  • What is the price offered by your main competitor (whether or not they have been awarded the contract)?
  • Which of your competitors are being awarded public contracts and why?
  • Identifying potential partners, subcontractors and suppliers with complementary technical solvency in each geografic area.

By means of a simple control panel, the BSC provides you with the following information in real time:

  • The successful bidders ranking.
  • Identification of potential partners and strategic alliances, Economic Interest Groups (AIE), Temporary Joint Ventures (UTE)…
  • Submitted bids and successful bids for every tender (amounts and prices offered). Decision minutes and documents from the contract awarding commission will be provided to the extent possible.
  • Incidents and exclusions. Decision minutes, reports and information on receiving offers will be included to the extent possible.

The Trade Map is a very valuable trading tool for your company, as it enables you to find out which tenders are to be opened or renewed, which will help you to establish your business plan and support your sales network.

At LIFE ABOGADOS we process information from over twenty thousand (20,000) public bodies entitled to award public tenders.  We are in contact with public institutions –Public Administrations, state-owned companies , awarding institutions…– to find out about which contracts are still in force and which are about to expire, as well as which tenders of products and services are expected to be opened and the budgets allocated to them.

The Trade Map enables you to know:

  • Expenditure and investment figures for every Public Administration related to your business activity: budgets, strategic plans, programmes, and any other tools, prior to the tendering process, that can lead to a business opportunity.
  • Tenders to be renewed or opened, as a tool to establish your business plan and support your sales network.
  • Framework Agreements and other efficient centralised purchasing systems in force or yet to be tendered.
  • Credit and solvency rating of various Public Administrations of interest for your company.

This tool will give you access to a trade map sorted by awarding institutions, service type and expected price and duration, which will provide your sales network with essential support for account planning. It also allows you to know the credit rating of the different institutions and decide whether they are potential clients or are outside your company’s allowed range.