It enables you, by means of a simple control panel, to know your company’s position in the market in real time in terms of public procurement, and to keep up to date with administrative, technical and economic issues or any other reasons why your company is not being awarded public tenders; relevant corrective measures will be suggested.

Although the Balanced Scorecard is meant to be a tool for managers of your Public Sector department, it can provide a common space for your company’s entire Public Procurement department.

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The Trade Map is a very valuable trading tool for your company. You will know which tenders are to be opened or renewed, which will help you to establish your business plan and support your sales network.

At LIFE ABOGADOS we process information from over 20,000 public bodies entitled to award public tenders.  We are in contact with public institutions –Public Administrations, state-owned companies, awarding institutions…– to find out about which contracts are still in force and which are about to expire, as well as which tenders of products and services are expected to be opened and the budgets allocated to them.

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You will not need to have a qualified department within your company; we will be your technical office.

We will take care of all the stages of the public tender process. You will not need to have a qualified department within your company –which would require you to provide material resources and specialised continuous training. What’s more: our working method allows us to incorporate into our company the staff currently working at your company’s Public Procurement department.

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